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** Disclaimer** These products should be used with direction or advice of a therapist, and should only be used while under adult supervision.

Weighted blankets, vests, and lap pads benefit special needs children with autism,

sensory processing disorder, ADHD, hyperactivity and more.  

The proprioceptive input on the body gives the individual the input they crave to relieve stress,

focus attention at school and obtain the sleep they desperately need.

Our weighted products have self-enclosed pockets with dozens of polypropylene pellets.

The pellets are very small and comfortable and the weight is evenly distributed throughout.

These weighted products provide gentle pressure to the body to produce a calming effect.

We are passionate about what we do.

Our mission is to help ease the journey for these precious children and their parents through the use of our individually made products.

All products are custom made especially for your child’s needs.