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Our weighted vests are custom made to fit your child’s needs in size,colour and fabric.

There are four pockets sewn into the inside of the vest. Weight packs are dropped into the pockets and fastened with velcro.

The weight packs are easily removed for washing of the vest.

Children who are easily distracted, hyperactive and lacking in concentration respond positively to the additional weight a vest provides.

The concept of the weighted vest is based on the sensory integration therapy technique of deep pressure. As a result, some therapists are recommending the use of weighted vests.

To assist a child to relax and self-calm so that sensory stimulus can be processed , weight and deep pressure can be used. Using a weighted vest provides a child with unconscious information from the muscles and joints.

Therapists have found a weighted vest may also assist with reflex maturity, body position awareness and coordination, balance, eye/hand coordination, spatial perception and hearing and speaking skills.

Usually the weight of the packs are 10% of the child’s weight.

We will be guided by the child’s therapist.

** Disclaimer** These products should be used with direction or advice of a therapist, and should only be used while under adult supervision.