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Weighted blankets are ideal for children who experience difficulty sleeping and can be used as an  adaptive tool during quiet rest time at school or home.

The use of deep pressure through our weighted blankets, introduces proprioceptive feedback and enhances sensory integration while relaxing the body and the central nervous system of the recipients.

  Weights are enclosed in evenly distributed pockets throughout our blankets   using  polypropylene pellets. 

  The weights are securely sandwiched  between two cool poly cotton layers,   making it ideal for our hot summer weather.

The weighted blankets come with a warm soft fleece layer attachable by buttons, thus catering for colder seasons.

Buttons also serve as a fidget toy.

Blankets are unscented,

low heat washable and non-microwavable.

** Disclaimer** These products should be used with direction or advice of a therapist, and should only be used while under adult supervision.